Pretty Credit Consultants are a team of licensed credit experts who focuses on debt elimination and financial wealth. We teach communities how to eliminate debt and help them take their life back. The word of God clearly declares that we are the lender and not the borrower. Our goal is to show you how powerful you are and that nothing is impossible with God. Let us help you.  We are “Pretty” passionate about what we do.

Meet Pretty the CEO

Pretty Washington is today’s answer to buying power. Concerning the state of South Carolina, and specifically the “Upstate,” she has properly inserted herself as the subject matter expert when it comes to the ability to buy. It is her immersion into the credit industry that has catapulted her as the regional benchmark. Whether it is personal credit or business credit, her years of experience is made available by way of her company and its staff. Subsequently, Pretty Credit Consultants, LLC stands ready and robustly capable to meet the demands of it clients.

Here is the story behind the woman. As a result of the years of successfully traversing the lateral and vertical ladders of corporate America in substantial positions, Mrs. Washington now retains the financial knowledge rarely known by insiders and outsiders alike. The seemingly complex but identifiably simple concepts of the financial industry and its impact on our society was eye opening. Her ability to grasp, retain and simplistically disseminate concepts and principles is an asset noted by her employers. The simultaneous establishment and production of her very own inspirational TV talk show which aired on WYMA – MY40 for two season is a testament to Pretty’s ability to reach, touch and impact the lives of others. Her feature and cover of RENEWED magazine is a testament to the permeable gift.

In the aftermath of an unimaginable, life altering personal tragedy in 2014 and the passage of time away from the vocation, an internal question was posed. That question of returning to the corporate arena was at the forefront of her thought processes as she prepared for the re-insertion. The weeks following her return were full of disarray and overly tumultuous. The decision was clear and easy to arrive at; it was the season and timing to launch out in the deep waters of the entrepreneurial landscape.

In 2016 Pretty Washington found herself in the enviable position and subsequently fired her employer for the throws of acting upon the vision within her. Her time was now devoted to the study of consumer rights and consumer law where credit and debit collection is concerned. The investment of time and resources to obtain a subjective and practical understanding of this piece of the financial pie has come to fruition. She has applied these principles to her very own personal and business scenarios with a degree of success nothing short of a heralded life changing financially powerful position.

The sadness of being turned down for a vocation solely because of your crippling credit is significant but not the driving force behind the establishment of Pretty Credit Consultants, LLC. It is the burning desire and passion to help others to experience the financial freedoms directly attached to their credit disposition. Pretty’s vigorous immersion for over 10 years in the finance and credit industry has forged the life changing strategies and methodologies for implementation. The personal experience of fixing her very own solidifies the passion behind and the direction of Pretty Credit Consultants, LLC. She is sincere when she says that “GOOD CREDIT LOOKS PRETTY ON YOU.” This is Pretty Washington!

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